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These posts are among the most shared from this blog so far.  It’s a good thing I reviewed which ones were the most shared before I updated the sharing tools this week because it then wiped out the history of the displayed numbers. bummer.

Living the Faith Life 

I’m Mormon. Why I Believe: Enlightened or Brainwashed? 

My Current Explanation of Life’s Purpose

Great Expectations 


Elder Bednar’s address to Washington, D.C. YSA

Modern Apostle’s Message: Question Your Guts Out 


Temple and Wearing the Garment

Mormon Temple Wedding: A Ceremony Centered in Christ

“What’s in a Name?” A Whole-lotta Faith in Jesus Christ

Mormon Underwear: A Constant Personal Reminder to Always Remember Jesus Christ and Keep His Commandments

MacGyver Groupie and Lengthy Leggings

Magic Mormon Underwear Gets a Mention at the Believing Brain Discussion 


God’s Law of Chastity

Mormons and Sex: Living the Law of Chastity



Can’t You See That I’m the Answer to Your Prayers? 

Resume Envy 

The Mormon Social Network


Doubting and Wrestling

Doubt: Religion’s 4 Letter Word

Why I’m Not Disillusioned by Sketchy Scriptures

My Current Explanation of Life’s Purpose


Social Life in Washington, DC

How Do You Know When Something is Funny? The Book of Mormon the Musical

Duck Beach Is 

Mormon Parties: Halloween on Celebrity Island



I Volunteered for This???? Mormon Missions

My Shabby Apple Dress From Steve Isn’t Too Shabby, Mission Stuff Too 

 Sometimes a Swedish Girl Visits and We Laugh a Lot


Religion in Society, Religious Pluralism, Jeffress and Atheists–God bless

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  1. Justin Roderick

    interesting blog


    I loved your talk that you gave in Stake Conference Adult Session. I also really like your blog, I am excited to share it with my friends and begin reading it. I already follow NieNie Diaries and like the Wearing it on my Sleeves. Thanks for all the great reccommendations.

  3. Rayleen


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