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A friend of mine once asked me what Mormon parties are like because there’s not any alcohol or drug use and there’s no breaking the law of chastity.

I teased him saying we have a good time and we remember it.:)

This weekend some friends of mine turned their house into “Celebrity Island.” They invited people to come dressed as a dead celebrity, as any celebrity, as anything they wanted or just as themselves.

I was Amy Winehouse for Halloween, which may or may not have been distasteful because she so recently passed into the spirit world (see this post for an explanation about Mormon belief in the afterlife).

Tragically, she died at 27 yrs old just this last July. Papers recently reported the cause of death was accidental alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol was 5 times the legal driving limit in Britain.  Poor girl. She was so talented and often spoke about the “demons” she was fighting.:(

I wanted some different tats than Amy and her actual hair would have been quite the accomplishment, but all in all, I was pleased with my look for the evening.:)

Janis Joplin, another talented woman who entered the spirit world too soon, met up with Jack Sparrow on Celebrity Island. Like many a woman, she could hardly resist his charm.

Dead celebrities making their appearance at the island’s party were:

Coco Chanel

Princess Di

Jackie O

Lucille Ball

Frida Kahlo

Abraham Lincoln

Charlie Chaplin

Buddy Holly

James Potter

Stonewall Jackson

Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn



and more

Some living celebrities also graced us with their presence:

Katy Perry

Axl Rose

Michael Jordan

and more

Other guests visiting the island for the evening included:

Captain Kirk

The 1%

Mickey and Minnie Mouse


soccer players

ice skaters


Alice in Wonderland

creepy, but mesmerizing skeleton guy

Thelma and Louise

KFC, McDonald’s and Jack in the Box each sent reps: Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald, and Jack

Sexy Sax Man

(You can see Sexy Sax Man perform here.)

and last, but not least, the engineering Care Bear (the Care Bears are unfortunately dead since the 1980s, but this particular fan remains loyal in keeping their memory alive).


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